'David Bowie - Avant-Garde Elegance', 1974

Terry O'Neill

This striking black-and-white photograph features the legendary David Bowie in a bold and iconic pose, exuding his trademark charisma and avant-garde style. Seated with a poised yet intense demeanor, Bowie is dressed in a captivating ensemble, complete with a hat and patterned shirt. The dramatic scene is heightened by the presence of a large dog, caught mid-bark, adding a dynamic and unexpected element to the composition. Taken in 1974, this image is renowned for its sharp contrast and meticulous detail, capturing the essence of Bowie's fearless creativity and enduring influence in the world of music and fashion. A must-have for collectors and admirers of David Bowie and vintage photography.

Signed and numbered by Terry O'Neill
Certificate of Authenticity
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