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Primary art market and irrefutable provenance.

The provenance of Lenscloud artworks is the source of artistic creation as all artworks come directly from our artists, artist’s estates, archives or publishers, and are therefore available for provenance verification.



Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Labels

Lenscoud artworks are signed and numbered by hand.

Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Labels are signed, titled, numbered and dated. They originate from the artist who created the art, the artist's estate or the archive.

1. Prints that are signed and numbered come with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. Prints can also come with the estate, archive or publisher stamp, be blind stamped, embossed by the printer or sometimes annotated by the artist. 

2. Prints that are not signed and numbered come with an Artist Label. Artist Labels are designed to be affixed to the artwork after mounting, which is done by us if the artwork comes already framed. Artist Labels sometimes supersede Certificates of Authenticity. 

3. Essential information found on Certificates of Authenticity and Artist Labels
- the artwork image
- the title of the artwork
- the year of creation
- the medium
- paper or image size
- edition number, including artist proofs and printers proofs if applicable. 

Please check the artwork page whereas the artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, an Artist Label or both. 



Certificate of Ownership

Certificates of Authenticity are not nominative and we, at Lenscloud, therefore designed a Certificate of Ownership linking the artwork to the collector’s information. This way, we warrant the accuracy of ownership status. 

Lenscloud Certificates of Ownership feature the same artwork information found on the Certificate of Authenticity 
- Information relative to ownership
- A set of unique identifiers
- Are signed by us by hand.

To protect reproducibility, Lenscloud Certificates of Ownership have various security features and layers of verifiable protection.