Fine Art Printing

31 Studio / The Platinum Printroom

31 Studio / The Platinum Printroom is the foremost specialist for Platinum and Platinum-Palladium printing in the UK and were the first dedicated workshop to be specifically set up and revive this lost art.

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Metro Imaging

Widely recognised as the UK's number one and most trusted professional photographic lab, Metro Imaging is committed to providing the highest standards of service and excellence to the photographic industry. With 37+ years of fine art printing activity, Metro’s reputation is for high quality C-type, Fine Art Giclée, Black & White and Duratran prints. Metro is also known for the expertise its offers to photographers and has an impressive list of clients worldwide, from collectors to galleries and museums.

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Cyanotype – A Definition

One of several types of early photographic print which emerged from the circle of pioneer photographer Henry Fox Talbot was the cyanotype. This characteristically blue, or cyan, print on paper substituted iron salts for those of silver, and was produced by a process of oxidation. While its striking deep blue color limited its aesthetic applications, its use in botany, as in the volumes of British flora assembled by early photographer Anna Atkins beginning in 1843, produced some very attractive works. Occasionally, both earlier in the twentieth century and now again in the current era, cyanotype is employed for its aesthetic value alone. As a non-silver process, cyanotypes are resistant to fading.

From Thomas Weston Fels, Sotheby’s Guide to Photographs, New York, Henry Holt and Company, 1998.

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