Print Handling Instructions



  • Fingers have natural oil on them and can damage the print. Handle photographs with clean hands as you might leave fingerprints and soil the surface of your artwork.
  • Wear the non-scratching cotton gloves we sent you with your print, and avoid touching the image layer. 
  • Hold photographs by the edges, whether transparencies, prints or negatives. Support your photograph with care and with your both hands. You should never touch the surface of your print. Do not bend the print.
  • Place a protective acid-free paper on a flat and clean working surface before handling your print. To move your larger prints, use a sheet of stiff paper or cardboard to support.
  • Do not use adhesives, tape, glue or rubber bands that may cause physical or chemical damage.
  • Do not use paper clips or similar items and other stationery that might leave pressure marks on your print.
  • Keep food and drink away from your photographs.
  • Do not write on photographs, if necessary only on the reverse of the image with a pencil.
  • For prints that curl, place the print on a flat, clean surface away from direct sunlight and leave an acid-free paper over the print. Place a book or another heavy object on the edges of the print. The print should become flat after a few hours.
  • Archive photographs in individual protective acid-free sleeves as photographic chemicals can leak from one print to another.
  • Archive in non-acidic boxes, on edge, not flat to avoid pressure damage to the surface of your print.