Peter Dazeley

Solarized and X-Rayed Platinum Palladium Prints

Peter Dazeley is creating the solarized platinum palladium prints by combining many methods. One is in the making of the enlarged negative, technically this is called the sabattier effect and involves exposing the enlarged negative, developing for a brief time and then flashing the enlarged negative with more light before completing the development. The need to make an enlarged negative for platinum printing allows a choice to make a further contact inverted negative to give the option of printing the image both as a positive or as a negative. Another method is when exposing the print with ultraviolet light, to overexpose for a very long time, and solarization will occur. 

31 Studio platinum prints are produced by hand and made with the original Platinotype method devised by William Willis in 1876. Platinum prints have a distinctively rich, luminous quality with great shadow detail and warmth.

Prints are made with ARCHES® Watercolour paper, a French hand-made watercolour paper with evenly distributed fibres that provides a harmonious natural grain and make the paper more stable, with very limited deformation. The paper is hand coated with the platinum emulsion using a goathair brush. The prints are made from full-size negatives and exposed by ultraviolet light.