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At Lenscloud, we focus on the primary art market, which is composed of artists and artist’s estates. By buying prints from us, you directly support artists and become patrons of the arts. The fundamental questions you have to ask yourself when starting an art collection are:

  • What does it mean to put an art collection together?
  • How serious am I about it?
  • What are the choices, thinking processes and strategies to be made?

We would suggest starting small and while it is essential to educate yourself and train your eye for fine art photography buy what you love and what inspires you. Invest in the art that brings you this something you can’t live without. 

Inform yourself by browsing our artist pages. Find information on their careers, exhibition histories, publications, presence in a major museum or private art collections, watch educational videos and read critical reviews. Select according to your tastes and interests. Follow your perceptual and instinctive response to the artwork, how the experience of seeing impresses and moves you. Then critically assess the artwork towards its meaning, importance in art history, acclaim and market.   

Create aesthetic, themed or conceptual links between your artworks. Patterns may emerge quite early. Contextualize your art collection in regards to the history of art. Focus on meaningfulness and coherence. The more educated you are, as taste changes and knowledge, evolve, the more your collection will develop towards exciting new steps.

Sell your art to invest in new artworks. There are some considerations to be aware of before selling your art on the secondary art market (see below). Art is typically not liquid as an asset class and should be considered a long-term investment. We, therefore, advise always to buy the art you love, and that will fit into your home. The rule of thumb is to keep an artwork for at least five years before putting it on the secondary market and to protect it with great care. This way you safeguard your investment and act responsibly towards the career of an artist.

Collecting art is a dynamic process that involves discovery, research, interpretation, selection, display, preservation, care, and the skill to connect the object with art history but it is also a social endeavour. Be part of Lenscloud’s community of collectors. Come to our pop-up exhibitions and subscribe to our newsletter to get insiders knowledge and VIP invitations to private views and openings. 

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